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World Map

The world map

The World Map is where players choose the destination for their explorer's next expedition. There are generally 2-4 destination choices between each expedition.


World map destination choice

Example destination information

Each destination option has an indicated biome type. Expedition 1 will always be a choice between a Drylands and Jungle biome. Arctic and Desert can be options for Expedition 2+. Expedition 6 will always be to a single Prehistoric biome, unless you found information about one or more Special Worlds (see below) during your fifth expedition.

Note that the larger maps appearing in later expeditions often have secondary biomes that appear further away from the landing point. For example, a destination marked as a Jungle biome may have a secondary Desert biome. Arctic destinations never have secondary biomes, and secondary biomes are never Arctic biomes (in other words, Arctic biomes are never mixed with other biomes).

Destinations marked with a small red seal will give you a "new world" bonus (50 points) if you find their golden pyramid. This bonus is available only if you choose a world with a different main biome than you have already explored on a previous expedition. Due to a bug, the game only checks the worlds you have visited since the time the game was loaded. In other words, quitting the game and reloading it will make all worlds count as "new" again.

In addition to the choices available to the player, rivals' chosen destinations are also indicated.

Special Worlds[]

Some destinations have their names marked in gold letters. These represent unique worlds that become available if they were discovered during the previous expedition, such as by exploring certain caves or cenotes, hearing about them at a Mission, or by buying the information from a native while resting in their village. Finding a Dinosaur Skull in Expeditions 3 or 4 can also unlock a Prehistoric world destination.

Types of special worlds include:


World Map Flag

Destination choices also list certain locations that will be present on their map, visible when their flag is hovered or clicked on once. The most important location indicated here is the Golden Pyramid and whether it is buried. This section of the world map also indicates how many of each location type can be found there. Locations that are shown here include:

Other types of locations such as resting spots, caves and golden seals, will not show up on the world map and instead must be discovered naturally during the expedition.


  • Freya Stark is a exception for the rules on destination choices, as she will always have at least one Desert biome to choose from, including for Expeditions 1 and 6.