Curious Expedition Wiki

Native villages are locations found in all biomes, with a Lizard version found in Prehistoric and Portal worlds, and Bedoin Villages found in deserts. Villages serve many useful purposes:

  • A trading/barter spot. Items can be exchanged, and donations can be given to increase standing (15 value per standing point)
  • Recruiting 1 new companion. At 2+ Standing, each village gives the player a choice between 2 humanoids and 1 animal to add to the trek.
  • Rest spot to regain sanity. Each night grants +30 sanity, at the cost of -2 Standing. 15 value is required rest if Standing is negative.
  • Creating handmade items. Staying overnight allows artists and anthropologists to create new, valuable works of art or study.
  • Target of several quests.
  • Purchasing a beast. Rarely, a beastmaster offers the choice between 3 rare animals as a combat companion in exchange for animal teeth.


  • Standing triggers and is affected by several special village events. Be sure to study this mechanic before attempting to exploit these locations.
  • Start your visit by boosting standing with trading donations, unlocking free rest and recruitment.
  • Trade extra marbles, machetes, snowshoes and fireworks at villages, as these all have inflated values at this location and will yield a more favorable exchange for the player.
  • Trade items like pelts for animal teeth when available. The teeth have equal value at other Traders, but are weightless and can therefore free up inventory capacity.
  • Looting a Shrine with heads on sticks, or having an Abomination companion, renders all villages empty. Though they can still be explored, all interactions are disabled, so you are not able to trade or rest.