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Trading is the mechanic of bartering for items or accommodations during an expedition. The player can trade at all Villages, Shaman Huts, Caravans, Missions, and Polar Stations.

When opting to trade at any of these locations, you will be able to interact with both yours and their inventories to select items you wish to acquire and items you wish to give up. Item values may vary from their base values depending on which Trader you are interacting with.

Barter No Deal

A trading page, indicating a bad deal

When trading, you must offer up items that the seller deems equal or greater in value to what you want from them.

Bad Deals[]

No Deal X

A bad/unfair deal is indicated by a red bar and red X. The further the red bar stretches to the left, the more unfair the deal is to the seller.

A bad deal cannot be finalized, and the No Deal button isn't even pressable. The player's only option with an unacceptable offer is to Cancel.

Barter No Deal (3)

Good Deals[]

Deal Check
Fair Deal Full

A trading page, indicating the fairest possible deal

Barter Gift Standing Full

A trading page, indicating a donation value of +3 Standing

A fair/generous deal is indicated by a green bar and green check mark. The further the green bar stretches to the right, the more favorable the deal is to the seller.

An absolutely fair deal will show no bars at all, and only the check mark indicating the offer is acceptable.

When any deal is deemed reasonable by the seller, the player can select the Deal option on the bottom of the page.

Fair Deal Full (2)


Trading at a village also allows a player to make donations. For ever 15 value you donate to villagers, your Standing for that expedition increases by 1, up to a maximum of 10. When a donation offering is worthy of an increase in standing, the Deal option will become a Standing + option, indicating the level of change upon accepting the deal.

Standing Plus Indicator

An example of a donation Standing + button