A page that was ripped from an ancient tome. It is written in unearthly, alien letters, but for some reason you know you can read it.

Tome Pages are special items that can change the current expedition’s map and gameplay. These single-use consumables are spells and curses that can both help or hinder the player’s journey. Tomes can always be found in shaman huts, and rarely in shrines and caves. The Necronomicon has a chance to produce 1-3 tomes with each use.

Tome Pages have a value of 10 (+100% at Shaman Huts). They are weightless, meaning they don’t count towards the player’s carrying capacity.

NOTE: There are 4 pages that are retired and no longer appear in the game: Monster Den Creation, Mountain Creation, Teleportation (replaced by Random and Targeted Teleportation) and Unholy Travels. There is a glitch in the Hall of Fame collection that still shows these as "missing" items, but the Collector of Sorts achievement is still obtainable without them.

List of Tome PagesEdit


Tome of: Category Effect
Abomination Companion Changes one random companion into an abomination.
Chasm Terrain Changes a target area 3 hexes in diameter into bottomless pits. Can be targeted up to 10 hexes away from the party's current position.
Tome Dry Land
Dry Lands Terrain Spreads slowly outward from the player changing the area into desert terrain, up to an area of ~10 hexes in diameter.
Tome Fire
Eagle Scout Scouting Reveals a targeted zone 7 hexes in diameter.
Effortless Movement Movement Your next move costs 0 Sanity.

This move may be cut short if interrupted by combat or natural disasters.

Extended Vision Scouting Reveals a extensive zone of terrain (~35 hexes in diameter) surrounding the explorer.
Tome Fertile Lands
Fertile Lands Terrain Spreads slowly outward from the player changing the area to grass/forest terrain, up to an area 16 hexes in diameter.
Tome Fire
Fire Terrain Starts a fire.
Hill Creation Terrain Changes the targeted hex into a hill.
Homebound Movement Returns the party to their ship. Does not end the expedition. Does not function inside portals.
Tome Lake Creation
Lake Creation Terrain Changes a target area 3 hexes in diameter into water.
Portal Traversal Location Creates a portal within 2 hexes of the party's current position.
Random Teleportation Movement Teleports the party instantly to a random spot on the map, including those not yet revealed.
Springs Creation Location,
Creates a Healing Spring (along with surrounding hill hexes) within 10 hexes for you to rest and heal wounds.
Targeted Teleportation Movement Instantly moves the party to a selected revealed hex.
Water Drain Terrain Dries up water with a target area 3 hexes in diameter. In Arctic worlds, changes water into pack ice.
Waterfall Creation Location,
Creates a Waterfall within 10 hexes for you to rest.
Wisdom Companion Grants one full Exploration Point for use in promoting companions.
World Creation Terrain Spreads slowly outward from the player's current position, restoring any altered land back to its original terrain. Especially useful in cleansing the disastrous effects from looting a shrine.

Tips Edit

  • Though some tomes have very negative effects, they can still be used to help flee from aggroed mobs, as enemies can easily be blocked or even destroyed by harsh terrain.
  • Other negative tomes, such as those involving abominations or giant spider dens, can be used to help unlock achievements or find unique treasure.
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