Tim Timster is a journalist and can be found randomly at the docks with his pet dog, Luis.

He has a special companion perk due to his profession, Journalist, which grants increased fame for each expedition.

Stats Edit

lvl Dice Toughness Perk
Die - Blue (basic)
6 Cargo 2 Perk-Journalist
Die - Blue (upgraded)
3 Die - Red (basic)
Die - Blue (upgraded)
4 Die - Red (basic)
Die - Blue (upgraded)

Notes Edit

  • Always recruited together with his pet dog, Luis.
  • Because Luis has the Extra Character perk, there's no downside to hiring and immediately dismissing Tim (while in London), just to get Luis into your party.

Trivia Edit

Tim Timster is a reference to the famous comic character Tintin, created by the Belgian author Hergé.
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