Stone Circles are locations where the party can decipher stone inscriptions to reveal certain points of interest across the map. The player is always given the choice between four kinds of locations to reveal:

  1. Ruins - includes all shrines and temples
  2. Settlements - includes all villages and missions
  3. Camp points - includes springs, overhangs, waterfalls, and oases.
  4. Caves.
Revealed location

Example of a revealed Cave Entrance

The player can only select one of the four options, as each stone circle can be used only once. Upon use, the circle will reveal every instance of the chosen location type on the current map. Revealed tiles include the location spot itself and the ring of tiles immediately surrounding it.
Stone circle map

An explored Stone Circle

The Occult Visions perk increases the uncovered area around each revealed location.

Using a stone circle does not hurt the player's Standing. However, it will cause a superstitious companion to lose Loyalty. This negative event can be avoided by choosing to leave the stone circle without using it.

The stone circle is always found surrounded by stone forest terrain.
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