Curious Expedition Wiki

How well your trek is perceived by the native inhabitants of this land. Allow it to get too low and they may act with hostility towards you.

Effects of Standing

Standing Effect
+8 May get option to join village life permanently
while resting in a village. (Expedition 4+)
+3 Native companions may gift you a native trinket.
+2 Can recruit from villages.
Villagers may grant you gifts on your first visit.
0 May be rescued by natives when at zero Sanity.
Native may offer assistance when camping at low Sanity.
-1 May get "Followed" ailment when leaving (50% chance).
Villagers may ask for tribute (15 Value) before letting you enter.
Villager may ask your business when you first visit,
effectively locking you out of some actions.
-2 Can rest in villages for free.
Villagers may gift you food on your first visit.
Villagers may be awed by your Holy Marking blessing.
-3 Beastmaster available.Villages demand payment for resting overnight.
Angry natives stop chasing you.
Artist may fail to paint a native.
-4 Always get "Followed" ailment when leaving.
Beastmaster not available.
When resting at low Sanity,
a native companion may accuse you of
exploiting their land, lowering their Loyalty.
-6 Can trade with villagers.
-7 Villagers refuse to trade with you.
-9 Villages can no longer be used.
-10 Angry Natives continually spawn and attack.

An explorer's standing reflects their reputation in a region. It greatly impacts an explorer's dealings with the locals. Standing can range from -10 to +10.

Increasing Standing[]

  • (+1) Every 15 value of items traded to a village with nothing in return, up to +9.
  • (+1) Having a persian translator or any natives in your expedition (stackable).
  • (+1) Accepting a hug from a diseased-looking child or a food or drink offer when resting at a village.
  • (+1) Giving a native villager a bottle of Whisky when asked, while resting in their village.
  • (+2) Completing certain quests.
  • (+2) Investigating and healing the dying native when resting out in the open.
  • (+2) Replying "local life is superior" when asked by a villager about whose way of life is better.
  • (+2) A missionary companion blesses a funeral and the roll succeeds.
  • (+2) Accepting the villagers' offer to discreetly kill a paranoid and racist companion while resting at a village.
  • (+3) Holy Marking blessing (stackable).
  • (+4) The Good Reputation perk.
  • (+4) Allowing a companion who has fallen in love with a native to stay in the village.
  • (+4) Random event when entering a village with the Holy Marking blessing (requires Standing -2 or better).
  • (+5) Allowing the villagers to slaughter one of your animals for a feast.
  • (+5) Killing Slavers

Decreasing Standing[]

  • (-1) Winning a fight against any free-roaming creature.
  • (-1) Using dynamite outside of combat
  • (-1) Refusing a hug, refusing a bowl of meat or alcoholic drink, refusing an offer to get your drums tuned, or refusing to take part in maturation rituals while resting in a village.
  • (-1) Incidents caused by kleptomaniac, paranoid, racist or angry companions while resting in villages.
  • (-1) Stealing the idol statue with a successful roll.
  • (-1) Villagers discover you have a looted mummy.
  • (-2) Resting in a native village without the Polyglot perk.
  • (-2) Leaving a village while a marriage ceremony in ongoing.
  • (-2) Participating in a maturation ritual and failing the roll.
  • (-2) Replying "civilized life is superior" when asked by a villager about whose way of life is better.
  • (-2) A missionary companion blesses a funeral and the roll fails.
  • (-2) Looting a statue or arctic stockpile.
  • (-2) Refusing to pay tribute after being confronted by natives following you.
  • (-3) Trading with a slaver (goods or slaves).
  • (-3) Looting a shrine.
  • (-3) Stealing the idol statue with a failed roll.
  • (-3) Getting help from natives when camping outdoors at low Sanity.
  • (-3) Refusing to hand over a looted mummy when confronted by the villagers.
  • (-3) Having an argument with an imaginary companion while resting in a village.
  • (-3) Getting caught while trying to smuggle a companion's native lover out of a village.
  • (-3) A village is destroyed by fire or other disaster. Applied even if you aren't responsible for the disaster.
  • (-5) Being rescued by natives when at zero Sanity.