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Slaver Camps are trader locations where a player can barter items and buy or sell companions. They are typically found in late-game expeditions inside Jungle and Prehistoric worlds. Exploring a slaver camp gives four options:

  1. Inspect slaves. The player can choose between 4 natives consisting of a random mix of scouts, warriors, shamans and/or animal handlers. Once one is chosen, a barter window opens where items must be offered to purchase the selected native. If a deal is reached, the native joins your trek at an additional cost of -3 Standing. Unlike villages, multiple companions can be obtained this way, though they must be bought one at a time and every purchase costs standing.
  2. Sell unit. the player can choose to sell a companion in exchange for items in the slaver's trading inventory. Selling a humanoid companion may result in your other party members losing loyalty.
  3. Barter. Slavers carry one signature weapon (rifle, pistol and/or shotgun) or a whip in their inventory, along with 5-8 other types of items typically found in villages. Each successful trading deal with a slaver costs -3 standing.
  4. Attack the slaver camp. This immediately launches combat with the enemy Slaver, whose group consists of the slave master, 2-3 slaver minions, and a hyena. Defeating the slaver rewards varying loot from their trading inventory, possibly a native companion, and +5 Standing. But be warned: a defeated slaver camp bursts into flame and causes any slaver camps in future expeditions to be hostile.


  • Because viewing trading items with a slaver doesn't cost standing, it's advised to check out their inventory before considering an attack - they may offer very useful items that aren't guaranteed loot upon their defeat in combat.
  • Purchased slaves act as any other companion, who's loyalty and level can change as normal.
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