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Combating a slaver inside a slaver camp

Slavers are traders and potential enemies that are found in slaver camp locations in late-game expeditions. They only attack if the player chooses to combat them when visiting the camp. Attacking one slaver will cause any slave camps in future expeditions to be hostile. The slaver group consists of the slave master, 2-3 minions, and a hyena

Upon defeat, the slaver will drop ~3 loot items from their barter inventory, possibly including stacks of jewels, consumables like coca leaves, and even tools such as coston flares. Loot will also include the standard hyena drop: 1 hyena pelt, 2 raw meat and 1 animal tooth. Winning the battle will also reward the player with +5 standing, potentially a native companion, and rarely the slave master's whip.

Slave Master[]

Image Dice Toughness
Slave Master.png
Dice Slave Master.png

Slaver Minion[]

Image Dice Toughness
Slaver Minion.png
Dice Slaver Minion.png


Image Dice Toughness
Hyena Attack 1.png 8