Curious Expedition Wiki

The Ship is your starting location for every expedition. The ship has several interacting options:

  1. Rest overnight. This regains +40 Sanity over 5 days, and can be repeated as many times as desired. The Fresh Air Fanatic perk does not count towards resting on the ship.
  2. Access storage. The player can stash up to 20 stacks of items here, allowing the group to free up capacity space before or during the expedition.
  3. Refill water. This gives the player a free stack of 20 water, and can be repeated for up to 5 stacks. This is only useful in worlds with desert terrain.
  4. Sail Home. You can escape the expedition by sailing back to London. In normal difficulty, this will not grant any race bonus, but will allow the player to continue the game. In hardmode, the player must use the ship to sail back after exploring the Golden Pyramid.

You can return to your ship as many times as you like during an expedition, so long as it stays intact.


  • It is possible to lose your ship (and any items stored on it) if it falls in range of a shrine's destructive curse.
  • The ship's capacity can be incredibly useful to save items mid-expedition, as everything in its cargo is automatically returned to the player's inventory immediately after the expedition. This means any treasure in its hold can be exchanged for Fame or Funds.
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