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A Shaman Hut is an explorable location where you can cleanse your followers of their ailments, heal their injuries and diseases, or trade for tome pages, mushrooms and other mystical-focus items.

Cleansing a character will rid that character of any/all negative mental perks. A cleansing will require an offering of your supplies worth 20 Value.

Healing a character brings them up to full health, removing any injuries along with any physical ailments such as infected wounds and diseases they may have. Healing costs the same as cleansing.


  • Shaman huts are traders with different assigned values for specific items. Offering items of inflated-value, such as tome pages, can lower the cost of healing/cleansing.
  • Cleansing an abomination does not remove it's inherent need to consume raw meat, and will still periodically eat party members.
  • Cleansing and healing will only be displayed as options if a companion has a mental or physical ailment, respectively. No matter the severity of the ailment, the trading cost is always 20 Value.
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