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Secret Explorers are special locked characters with unusual/extra perks, powerful items, and/or rare companions. Most of these characters have been designed and requested by a special-edition purchaser of the game.

All secret explorers come with 6 Toughness and 2 Capacity, though their other stats vary widely. Some of them are largely based on one of the original explorers, while others are extremely unique and even have exclusive items or companions.

Multiple codes can be active at one time, and activated characters can show up as rivals during gameplay.

To disable/re-lock a secret character, simply follow the same directions used to reveal them:

How to Input Codes[]


  1. Go to the options menu (settings symbol at the top left)
  2. Enter the secret explorer's code (don't click on anything, just type it!)


  1. Go to the settings menu
  2. Press "up" on your D-Pad up to increment the current number.
  3. Press right to submit.

You won't see any actual numbers on the screen. But every button click up equals +1. And with every right-click, you move to the next digit in the sequence.

For example: 1234 would be URUURUUURUUUUR.(u=up, r=right)

This should work on PS4, XBOX and Nintendo Switch.

Secret Explorers[]