Curious Expedition Wiki
The mental state of your trek members. Drop to zero and more and more catastrophic events will begin to occur.

Sanity represents your party's mental capability. It is the primary mechanic triggering both positive and negative events and depends on how full the sanity bar is at. The following table shows how sanity level influences possible events:

Sanity Level Events to Expect
70+ Mostly good
30-70 Neutral
1-29 Mostly bad
0 Very bad
Waypoint insanity

Waypoint indicating 100% chance of insanity.

Events always happen when resting somewhere overnight, and occasionally during travel. Travelling at 0 sanity is very dangerous and is often interrupted with "insanity" events. These catastrophic events often include companion deaths and eventually the death of the explorer themselves, ending the game.

Each hex traveled on when hitting or dropping below 0 sanity has a 20% increased chance of insanity risk. This means it only takes 5 hexes of 0-sanity travel to guarantee an insanity event. If an insanity event occurs while moving, it will interrupt that travel leg, forcing the player to choose a new waypoint after the event. After an insanity event occurs, the player is given a 7-day travel cooldown with 0% insanity chance before the next catastrophe hits.

Sanity can only be increased in two ways: by using/consuming certain items, and by resting at certain locations. But beware: these methods may also have negative effects if used when sanity is low. Below 30 Sanity, some items will cause side-effects, and resting when below 30 Sanity will cause negative events that lower loyalty or even lose a companion. This table lists all possible sanity-increasing items and locations, along with their effects.

Image Name Type Sanity Result Other Effects
Camp Site Reusable +40 / rest Spends 3 days set up / take down, 5 days to rest.
Chocolate Rations Consumable +10 each. None
Coca Leaves Consumable +10 each. Possible various Ailments
Drums Reusable +10 / use Cooldown of 10 days. Aggroes nearby enemies.
Food Cans Consumable +10 each. Inedible if above 30 Sanity
Hex - Healing Springs
Healing Springs Location +40 / rest Takes 5 days per rest. Also heals injuries and infected wounds.
Hex - Lizard Village
Lizard Village Location +30 / rest Takes 1 day to rest. Causes -2 Standing
Mangos Consumable +10 each. 1 will spoil every ~5 days.
Mini Puppets Consumable +10 each. Puts nearby enemies to sleep for a day.
Hex - Mission
Mission Location +30 / rest Takes 1 day to rest. Costs 30 value unless a missionary companion is present.
Hex - Oasis
Oasis Location +40 / rest Takes 5 days to rest. Can also refill on water.
Hex polar station
Polar Station Location +30 / rest Takes 1 day to rest. Costs 1 ticket.
Cooked Animal Meat Icon
Prepared Animal Meat Consumable +2/5/10/15 each Depends on level of cook preparing it.
Red Berries Consumable +5 each. Also grants +1 Health to all party members.
Hex - Ship
Ship Location +40 / rest Takes 5 days to rest.
Hex - Stone Overhang
Stone Overhang Location +40 / rest Takes 5 days to rest.
Tuned Drums Reusable +15 / use Cooldown of 10 days.
Hex - Village 1
Village Location +30 / rest Takes 1 day to rest. Causes -2 Standing
Hex - Waterfall
Waterfall Location +40 / rest Takes 5 days to rest.
Whisky Consumable +20 each. Possible Alcoholism