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Raptors are large, fast combat animals. They act as both enemies and companions under different circumstances.


Enemy Raptors are commonly found in all prehistoric worlds, but can also appear in desert, jungle and drylands environments at expedition 5 and 6. They appear alone or in groups of 2-3, have a high aggro chance and are as fast as any explorer. In packs of 3, Raptors represent a great threat to any experienced explorer, matching the damage of the Giant Crab at its most fearsome and boasting a total of 36 toughness, which is 11 greater than the crab.


Each raptor in the pack adds three attack dice in combat, which makes it capable of delivering a lot of damage very rapidly.

Raptor dice.png


Raptor companions can be recruited from Lizard Villages in all Prehistoric worlds, as well as hatched from mysterious eggs found in raptor nests. They have triple benefit as a pack animal, combat aid and fast mount.


lvl Dice Toughness
1 (Only when mounted)


2 Raptor-1.png 15
3 Raptor-3.png 18


  • Animal: Can only be promoted through Alexandra David-Neel's Animal Whisperer perk.
  • Fast Combat Mount: Can be ridden to reduce the base sanity cost of travel. When mounted, gains two additional level 2 combat dice and the Fast Mount perk at the cost of -1 total Cargo Capacity.
    • Combat dice given when mounting can not be used while over-encumbered.
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