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Racism is a mental ailment present in some recruited companions. At low Sanity, afflicted characters will trigger various negative events:

  • When resting in a village, a non-native racist may make offensive comments to villagers, reducing Sanity and Standing.
  • When resting in a mission or station, a native racist may make offensive comments with the hosts, reducing Sanity and Loyalty.
  • When resting in the open, a racist may offend and argue with a companion of another race, reducing loyalty in one or both of them.

Like most mental ailments, it can be cured with a Green Mushroom, cleansing at a Shaman Hut, or with the random blessing of Pure Mind from a temple.

There is also a rare event that can occur when resting in the open at high Sanity, in which the afflicted bonds with a companion of another race and is healed.

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