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Pyromania is a mental ailment that gives the afflicted companion a 50% chance to start fires after various events:

  • exploring a shrine or cave.
  • eating a mushroom.
  • resting in the open.

Pyromania can be acquired at low Sanity when travelling, passing through fire or resting in the open. Like most mental ailments, it can be cured with a Green Mushroom, cleansing at a Shaman Hut, or with the random blessing of Pure Mind from a temple.


  • A pyromaniac can be useful in terraforming, as fires turn into scorched earth, which has a lower Sanity-cost of travel than most other terrain. Pyromaniacs can also help eliminate enemies, as fire kills any adjacent animals.
  • Traveling through fires immediately steals sanity, injures party members and has a chance of even killing companions. Avoiding these catastrophes with a pyro often requires slowing travel by waiting out fires or changing routes.
  • Beware, as fires can even destroy some types of locations! This may make looting difficult, but will never eliminate golden pyramids or seals.
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