All humanoid companions can be Promoted by spending Exploration Points. Animal companions can be similarly promoted, but only with the Animal Whisperer perk exclusive to explorer Alexandra David-Neel.

Human Companion Level Indicator

Companion's Level, indicated next to their title

There are 4 possible levels of promotion, and all companions start at Level 1. A companion's current level is shown next to their title at the heading of their stats screen.

Leveling-up a companion increases their Toughness permanently and enhances a humanoid's primary perk. Leveling-up can also give a companion upgraded and/or additional combat dice.

Costs for promoting are the same for all companions:


Exploration Point Cost
Level 1: None - Base
Level 2: 1 point
Level 3: 2 points
Level 4: 3 points
Total: 6 points
Human Companion Promotion

Perk/Ailment Icons with Promotion Button, lacking the required point for Level 2

Promotion Indicator

You can view a companion's promotional perk on their stats screen. The perk that can be promoted is indicated by a green + symbol next to the companion's other perk and ailment icons. Once the primary perk is promoted to Level 4, it is maxed out. Companions only have one upgradable perk, even if they come with extra perks.

Promote selection

Level 3 Promotion option on a companion stats screen

Once the player acquires the required points, they can promote a humanoid companion at any time during an expedition simply by clicking the Promote button on their companion's stat screen. This button also indicates the number of points that will be spent for the next promotion.

Tips Edit

  • Promotions cannot be exchanged between companions and are lost if a companion is dismissed or killed. Points spent towards promotions are not recovered when a companion is lost.
  • Points are accumulated across expeditions, so they can be saved up during multiple trips and used to upgrade a new companion all at once.
  • Promoted perks are permanent for a humanoid companion throughout your entire journey, as long as that companion stays alive.

For details on specific perk upgrades, see: Companion Perks

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