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Prepared Animal Meat is prepared from raw meat by a cook companion, and is occasionally presented as a peace offering from villagers. Simply select raw meat in the inventory bar to prepare a piece. Once prepared, this meat can be consumed to increase Sanity. Its quality is determined by the level of the cook making it, so a promoted cook will produce more effective meat.

Prepared meat can also be traded during an expedition, though all meat carries the same barter value regardless of quality.

All meat spoils after leaving an expedition, so any meat remaining in the player's inventory will disappear upon returning to London.


The quality/effectiveness of Prepared Meat is based on a cook's skill level:

Lvl Image Title Description Effect
Charcoaled Animal Meat Icon.png
Charcoaled Animal Meat "As close to being inedible as meat can possibly be. Restores sanity" +2 Sanity when consumed.
Burned Animal Meat Icon.png
Burned Animal Meat "Meat that has been burned to a crisp. Restores sanity" +5 Sanity when consumed.
Overcooked Animal Meat Icon.png
Overcooked Animal Meat "A piece of overcooked animal meat. Restores sanity" +10 Sanity when consumed.
Cooked Animal Meat Icon.png
Cooked Animal Meat "A perfectly cooked steak. Restores sanity" +15 Sanity when consumed.
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