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An example portal world

The Portal World is a small, self-contained expedition world found by entering a Portal found on the map, or by creating one with the Portal Traversal Tome Page.

The Portal World is always a Prehistoric biome with its own Standing. All terrain in a Portal World is automatically revealed, along with any Enemies, though Locations aside from your entry Portal will not be revealed until you approach them.

Locations in this world are scattered in a thematic, generally straightforward manner and, with the exception of the shrines, are low-to-zero risk. Possible locations are Healing Springs, Stone Statues, Shrines, Temples, and Lizard Villages. It's not uncommon for each portal to have only 1-2 of types of locations.

The world is surrounded on all sides by a static celestial void.

Time Changes[]

Upon entering the Portal World, the group is granted the ??? status, giving them 20-30 days of travel to explore before being returned to the portal spot on the original map. Resting overnight in a Lizard Village, Spring or Camp Site will not count towards the travel time-limit.

A Metal Cube in your inventory will be consumed when the time runs out, extending the clock by another 20-30 days. Multiple cubes can be used consecutively to stay even 100+ days in the world.

The entry portal remains during this entire duration, and can be used to return early to the expedition map.

Changes in time, Sanity, Items and Companions remain with you when you are returned to the original map. Pay attention to your competitors, as they continue to advance towards the Pyramid while you are in the portal world!


  • As long as you enter a Portal with enough sanity to start exploring, Portal Worlds are bonus areas with much to offer an expedition. They are a somewhat-reliable source of healing springs, dinosaur companions, and loot.
  • Because its Standing is separate from the origin world, the player can raid shrines and statues without needing to worry about triggering Angry Natives - though you'll still need 2+ standing to recruit companions.

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