Polar Stations are locations exclusive to Arctic worlds. All arctic expeditions start with these stations already revealed. There are always at least 2 present on each polar map, with larger expeditions having 3. The player can interact with a station in several ways:
  1. Trade items for general supplies and tickets.
  2. Pay 1 ticket to rest overnight, regaining 30 Sanity
  3. Pay 1 ticket to travel automatically via dog sled to any other station
  4. Stash up to 3 items to automatically be shipped to London at the end of the expedition.

Tips Edit

  • Tickets are always available to purchase in groups of 3, 7 and 15 at every polar station. These tickets do not expire and can be saved for future expeditions.
  • Stashes are independent to their specific station, so a map with 3 polar stations can stash up to 9 unique items or item stacks.
  • Stations have unique values attributed to certain items. For specific item values for bartering, see: Trader.
  • The explorer Roald Amundsen starts with 10 tickets.

Trivia Edit

Thule Station

Thule Station. Photo courtesy of Fandom

The polar stations have several references to John Carpenter's 1982 creature-feature The Thing, and its prequel that debuted in 2011. The polar stations resemble the real-life Thule Station that is featured in both films. One researcher character is called MacReady, the name of the protagonist from the original movie.

Though resting overnight at a polar station doesn't cause any negative effects, the group may hear terrible sounds at night, and the next morning may find that the researcher has been replaced with a new one, much like the events from the film.
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