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The Polar Bear is an animal found in Arctic worlds. It roams the map as an enemy, or can rarely be purchased from a beastmaster as a companion.


Polar Bear enemies always have 20 Toughness and 1 attack die. They are usually only found traveling alone, but occasionally appear in groups of 2-3 during combat.

Because each polar bear only has one attack die, they are fairly easy to stun in combat, preventing damage to the group as they fight.

Upon death, it drops 1 Polar Bear Pelt, 4 Raw Meat, and 4 Animal Tooth.



Lvl Dice Toughness
1 [Fierce Claw x3, Ram x1, Fangs x2]

[Taunt x4, Nothing x2]

2 [Fierce Claw x3, Ram x1, Fangs x2]

[Fierce Claw x3, Nothing x3]

[Taunt x5, Nothing x1]

3 [Fierce Claw x3, Ram x1, Fangs x2]

[Fierce Claw x3, Ram x1, Nothing x2]

[Taunt x6]

4 [Fierce Claw x3, Ram x1, Fangs x2]

[Fierce Claw x3, Ram x1, Fangs x1, Nothing x1]

[Taunt x6]



  • Animal: Has no perks and can only be promoted through Alexandra David-Neel's Animal Whisperer perk.
  • Battle Mount: Can be ridden to provide a toughness shield for the explorer in combat. Mounting has no impact on combat dice, nor Cargo Capacity.
  • Polar Bears are strong and durable fighters, but provide no benefit outside of combat.
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