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The Pistol is a weapon item that adds a specific attack die in combat. It is randomly offered for sale at port in London and rarely from trading caravans. It is the most common starting weapon of the game.

The explorers Johan Huizinga, Amelia Earhart, H. P. Lovecraft, and Isabella Bird all start out with this gun.

Like all guns, it is reusable and doesn't require bullets to play its die.


The pistol is a single die with a 3/6 roll chance of success. It has weaker attacks and a lower success rate than the Signature Pistol.

Dice pistol.png

It can be combined with green dice to produce more powerful combo attacks.

Combination Damage Shield Requirements
Quick Shot 2 0 Die-Pistol.png
Stable Shot 3 0 Die-Pistol.pngStrength.png
Stopping Shot 2 1 Die-Pistol.pngDefense.png
Bullet Wall 3 2 Die-Pistol.pngDefense.pngDefense.png
Headshot 6 0 Die-Pistol.pngStrength.pngStrength.png
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