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Paranoia is a mental ailment that causes the afflicted companion to trigger various negative events at low Sanity:

  • While resting in the open, a paranoid companion may rant and rave all night, forcing the player separate them from the group with a successful dice roll, or suffer -10 Sanity. Success will decrease the paranoid person's loyalty, while failure results in them abandoning the group.
  • While resting in a village, a paranoid companion may loudly accuse the natives of plotting against them, costing -1 Standing.
  • At 0 Sanity, an insane paranoid companion may kill another crew member for plotting against the group.

Paranoia can be randomly obtained at low Sanity when traveling, resting, or consuming coca leaves. Like most mental ailments, it can be cured with a Green Mushroom, cleansing at a Shaman Hut, or with the random blessing of Pure Mind from a temple.

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