Paintings are handmade items created by Artist companions and may traded during an expedition, or exchanged in London for fame or funds. An Empty Canvas must be used in order for an artist to create a painting.

There are various painting qualities based on the level of the artist:

Lvl Quality Value Fame Funds
1 Simple 10 10 5
2 Well-Crafted 15 20 10
3 Precious 25 30 20
4 Masterful 45 50 30

The first painting created in an expedition will automatically create the Painting Collection item slot. All paintings stack into this slot, with no limit to how many paintings add to its value. A painting's appearance is based on location:

Landscape Painting Icon
Landscape Painting
These can be painted by exploring waterfalls, springs and overhangs.
Native Painting Icon
Native Painting
These can be painted by resting in native villages.
Shrine Painting Icon
Shrine Painting
These can be painted by exploring the exterior of a shrine.
These looks are purely aesthetic, as all locations will yield the same value of painting based on the artist's level. These images can be viewed after creation by hovering over the Painting Collection in inventory, but cannot be removed.

Tips Edit

  • Painting collections are permanently stacked and can only be traded or donated as a group.
  • Only one painting can be created at a single location, even when resting there multiple nights.
  • All paintings are given a +44% trading value boost when used to barter in villages
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