Overburden is a physical ailment that costs the party 10 extra Sanity points per hex when moving, easily depleting a full bar of sanity in only 1-2 travel legs. It is only present when the party carries more weighted items than their current capacity allows.

It is by far the simplest ailment to "cure", as simply removing enough items to bring the inventory back to capacity will remove the ailment. The player can remove extra weight by either throwing away the item(s) in a slot, or by using consumable item(s).

Tips Edit

  • Weightless items such as tome pages and animal teeth - don't count towards capacity and therefore don't impact this ailment.
  • The penalty for being overburdened is the same no matter how many extra inventory slots are used. This means the ailment can be exploited by using a camp site, allowing the group to rest often enough to slowly and safely haul their excess inventory.
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