Native Warriors are strong companions whose perks help avoid enemy combat and also increase starting Standing of each expedition.

A warrior who is recruited from a village will automatically be afflicted with the Local ailment.

Stats Edit

Lvl Dice Toughness
1 Die - Red (basic) 8
2 Die - Red (basic) 11
3 Die - Green (basic)
Die - Red (basic)
4 Die - Green (upgraded)
Die - Red (basic)
Humanoid Standard ArtistBedouinBritish SoldierCookCultistMissionaryLizard ShamanLizard WarriorMountain TrooperNative Animal HandlerNative ScoutNative ShamanNative WarriorParsi TraderPersian TranslatorSailorScottish Soldier
Special Diplomat James SterlingFormer AdventurerTim TimsterYeti
Animal Mount DonkeyWater BuffaloCamelGiant TortoiseChasmosaurusRaptorParasaurolophusPolar Bear
Combat AbominationHunting DogHyenaLuisGorillaTigerWhite TigerHuskyBattle TigerSabertooth TigerArctic WolfBuckwheatPug
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