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Worlds are a layer of World Generation.

World is a configuration of one or more Pockets with various balancing factors, such as the amount of Biomes per Pocket or how many turns rival explorers need to reach their goal. Compared to Biomes or Pockets a World defintion is relatively compact, but it offers fundamental options for balancing gameplay. This makes Worlds one of the most important aspect of your difficulty tuning.

WorldGen 04.png


   id: wd-world-4
   numSites: 3
   biomeCount: [3, 2]
   pockets: [pck-grass, pck-dry, pck-desert, pck-arctic]
   blockedBiomes: 2
   maxCompassScore: [50, 50, 100]
   goalFame: 160
   rivalTurns: 160
   debugXP: 4


Name Type Description & Example
id string prefix wd-
id: wd-world-2
numSites integer Amount of Expedition areas that are offered to Players on the map selection screen. They are picked from the pockets property
numSites: 3

Worlds numSites.png

pockets string A list of one or more Pockets that will potentially be offered as Expedition areas to Players on the map selection screen. If there are less Pockets entered than numSites then the same Pockets will be picked multiple times.
pockets: [pck-grass, pck-dry, pck-desert, pck-arctic]
biomeCount integer How many Biomes will be spawned in the selected Pocket. The format is [width, height].
biomeCount: [3, 2]
blockedBiomes integer How many Biomes will be picked from the borderBiomes section instead of the ones entered in the biomes section of the Pocket. This will create interestingly shaped, but also more challenging Pockets.
blockedBiomes: 1
maxCompassScore integer Defines how much of the map the Players have to uncover to mace their compass more accurate and ultimately point towards the goal. The 3 values are for the individual difficulty settings [easy, medium, hard]
maxCompassScore: [60, 80, 120]


goalFame integer The amount of Fame the Players receive when they finish the Expedition (without using the Hot air balloon)
goalFame: 180
rivalTurns integer The amount of turns the fastest rival needs to finish their Expedition. The other rivals each arrive the next 20 turns.
rivalTurns: 200
debugXP integer How much XP is assigned to each Character when the world jumping into the world by using the DebugBar.
debugXP: 4