This guide will take you through the process of uploading a mod that you have created to the Steam Workshop.

Workshop 01

Prepare your modEdit

Of course you will first need to have your mod ready. This means that the folder of your mod is located in the mod directory within your steam install directory steamapps\common\The Curious Expedition\mods. The most important aspect is that you setup your modInfo in your mod.hjson file. It should look something like this:

   id: idOfYourMod
   name: Name of your Mod
   authors: authors
   version: ""
   preview: mod_preview
   twitter: optional-yourTwitterAccountURL
   weblink: optional-yourWebsite
   mail: optional-yourEmail
   description: "optional-a description of your mod, Make sure to put it in quotation marks"
   lang: en

To be able to upload your game you will need to put your correct Steam account name as "authors". Sometimes it can be hard to say what really the name of your steam account is. If you are unsure about your account name, follow these steps:

Workshop 02
Go to your Steam profile. You'll see a number displayed in your URL (marked in red on the image). Copy this number.
Workshop 03
Now you'll need to use a website to find out your real profile name. For example, Valve suggests to use Copy the number from your profile URL there and you'll the your actual Steam profile name. Enter this name as "authors". To learn more about SteamIDs, [go here].

Upload to Steam WorkshopEdit

Workshop 04
Now that you have added your Steam account name as "authors" you should see an "Upload" Button on the right side of your mod in the mod menu (marked in red in the image). Press this button to upload your mod to Steam Workshop.
Workshop 05
It may take a few moments for your mod to appear on the workshop page. You should now be able to see the workshop ratings of your mod directly in the mod menu. Whenever you want to update your mod just repeat the upload.

Update problem: mod steamIDEdit

Usually, when uploading a file to steam the game will remember the newly created mod steamID for that mod, but if something goes wrong or you want to update the mod from another machine, you might end up without the proper steamID. In that case ypu can manually specify the correct mod steamID in the modInfo entry in the mod.hjson by adding the line steamId: THE_STEAM_ID (replacing the latter with their correct mod steam ID which can also be found in the URL of the mod).

If you still have problems with the updating process, please contact or ask in the Discord channel.

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