Curious Expedition Wiki

The game map is made up of tiles.


They describe what a tile looks like, how expensive it is to travel across it and if traveling across it is even possible.


attribute type description
name text The name of the tile that is shown when hovering over it with the mouse
sprites image Ids A list of sprites that the tiles sprite is randomly selected from
borderPrio number This value determines which border is shown at transitions between different tiles
moveCost number The cost of moving over this tile
viewCost number How much of your view does this tile block
eventImg image ids Specifies background images to use when an event happens on this tile during day or night
moveSounds sound effects One of these sound effects is played when moving over this tile
travelParticle particleId The particle effect to show when moving over this tile
sprawls complex How specific sprawls affect this tile
events event (s) An event that happens when moving onto this tile
flags flags Tile flags that can be required in events
elevation number How high above ground this tile is


A tiles sprawl attribute describes how it reacts to specific Sprawls.


   sprawls: [
      {id:'spr-fire', lifeTime:0},
      {id:'spr-dry', chance:0},
      {id:'spr-ice', chance:0},
      {id:'spr-flood', lifeTime:0},
      {id:'spr-geysir-flood', lifeTime:0},

In this example the tile overrides the normal behaviour of the sprawl. It will stop the spread of fire, dry, ice, flood and geysir-flood sprawls.