Curious Expedition Wiki

Sprawls are effects that spread over the game world and can manipulate affected Tiles. Examples are fires that spread and turn the burnt tiles into scorched earth, floods that turn tiles into water or the aftermaths of looted shrines that create huge bottomless pits or even the world devouring nothingness.

Most of the game's standard sprawls are defined in sprawls.hjson.


Attribute Type Description
defaultLifeTime number How many days does the effect stay on a tile
defaultChance number

The chance for the sprawl to spread to a new tile

removeFixture bool Can the sprawl destroy fixtures?
particle particle id the particle effect to show on affected tiles
viewCost number How much does this sprawl block vision
blockZone bool Should zones move over this tile
camShake How much this sprawl shakes the screen
defaultBurnedTile tile id The tile that replaces the current tile when the sprawl is over
forceOuter bool If the sprawl is completely surrounded should it be removed?
partyEvents events Events that should trigger when the party moves onto a tile affected by the sprawl


      id: spr-flood
      defaultLifeTime: 3
      defaultChance: 0.35
      defaultBurnedTile: tl-river
      removeFixture: true
      particle: pt-flood
      blockZone: true
      camShake: {power:2, length:1.2}

Sprawls entry in Tiles[]

It is important to note that Tiles have the ability to tell what kind of Tile they will be turned into when affected by a Sprawl. This can be defined by a sprawls entry in the Tile definition.