Curious Expedition Wiki

Adding a new aftermath[]

Adding a new shrine aftermath only requires you to add your event to evt-shrine-lootAftermath::events Check here for examples

Making a new aftermath[]

Aftermaths usually involve something that takes place on the world map.

A good way to realize that functionality is with sprawls or using commands that change the map like AddFixture or Modding:replaceTiles.


    id: evt-shrine-aftermath-mountains
    reqFixtureFlags: +aftermathMountains
    text: txt-evt-shrine-aftermath-mountains
    report: txt-evt-shrine-aftermath-mountains-report
    actions: {
      camShake: {power:8, length:1.2}
      setPartyFlags: +sacrileg
      replaceTiles: [
        {radius:10, old: 'any', new: 'tl-mountain', particle: ['pt-erupt-mountain'], chance: 0.3},
        {radius:1, old: 'any', new: 'tl-dry', particle: ['pt-erupt-hill']},
      events: 'evt-leave',
    id: 'evt-shrine-aftermath-chasm',
    reqFixtureFlags: '+aftermathChasm',
    text: "txt-evt-shrine-aftermath-chasm",
    report: "txt-evt-shrine-aftermath-chasm-report",
    events: {
      startSprawl: {ref:'spr-chasm', power:3, worldPower:1},
      events: 'evt-leave'