If you want to add some extra polish to your mod and make it stand out especially in the Steam Workshop you should add a custom preview image. 

ModPreview 01

Creating and adding a preview image is fairly simple:

The recommended size is 268 x 268 pixels. You will find a correctly sized template preview image in your folders: mods/templateMod/modPreview.png. We also provide you with a bunch of template graphics as a background for your preview image. You can find them on GitHub:

bgArtwork_01.png bgArtwork_02.png bgArtwork_03.png
Template modPreview bgArtwork 01
Template modPreview bgArtwork 02
Template modPreview bgArtwork 03

Now just add something on top that makes it easy to understand what your mod is going to be about. For example, the Scientific Assistant mod adds a character with 4 possible variations:

Mod preview

Of course you can come up with your own style and do whatever you want in the preview image. Just a sceenshot of the mod in game is also great, as long as the size of the image is 268 x 268 pixels. As long as you add something nice that says something about your creation you can be sure that it will be much more likely to be recognized and tried by players.

Now put your preview image in your mod folder. Then, add it to the imageData section of your mod.hjson like this:

     id: nameItWhatYouLike
     file: yourModFoldername/nameOfThePreviewFile.png

And then, just add this simple line to the imdInfo section of your mod.hjson:

  preview: nameItWhatYouLike

Tadaa, your mod now has a custom preview image both in the Steam Workshop and modding menu in game.

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