On the left side of each line you have the string identifier. After the first comma sign you have the text that should appear in the game.

Special Characters[edit | edit source]

There are certain types of special characters:

  • $name will be replaced by the name of a person that is relevant in that event. Not all events have relevant persons, so you should only use the $name identifier if the original text already included the name.
  • {mmm|fff} will be replaced by 'mmm' if the relevant person is male, or 'fff' if the relevant person is female. As mentioned above, there might not always be a relevant person, so use it only if appropriate.
  • [xxx|yyy|zzz] will be randomly replaced by either 'xxx' or 'yyy' or 'zzz'.
  • [xxx] will be randomly replaced by 'xxx' or not appear in the text at all.

Example[edit | edit source]

"cl-angry-1","[You can't do this!|You have to be joking!|Please reconsider!|Please no!|I beg you!]"
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