Curious Expedition Wiki

To make your modding efforts as accessible as possible we decided to release all the content we have created for the game under the Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 Int.

On will find:

GitHub config.png
All config files
for items, characters, events, locations, enemies ... basically everything. These files are an excellent starting point to copy and past from if you want to create something similar to what is already in the game, or as a general inspiration for your modding efforts. Also make sure to check out the relevant Hub Eventsharbor or village that you can use to easily add your content into the game.
GitHub images.png
All graphic images
 we have created for items, locations, tiles, particles, menus ... again, everything that is in the game will be found there. Feel free to modify or reuse them in any way you like for your mod.
GitHub templates.png
Template graphic images
 we have specifically prepared for modding. These templates serve as perfect starting points if you want to create images that fit into our game.
GitHub psd.png
PSD source files
 that contain all the original image layers and file names that are used in the game.
Official Mod files
 of all the mods we have created as examples alongside tutorials or just for fun.
English text strings
 that are used in the game. You can use these as a basis for your translation efforts. Join our translation community here:

While in the first place we make our game content available for modding, we would like to encourage you to also use them, especially the graphic images, for your own prototypes or gamejams completely unrelated to creating mods for The Curious Expedition. As long as you adhere to the Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license we are perfectly fine with your usage of our content. We have been successful with The Curious Expedition beyond our hopes and are happy to give something back to the creative game development community. Adventure awaits!