Curious Expedition Wiki

Expedition are a layer of World Generation.

There are 6 Expeditions the players will go through in the standard game. Each Expedition has one or more Worlds that will be offered for exploration to the players.

WorldGen 05.png


Name Type Description & Example
id string prefix ex-
id: ex-expedition3
range integer The range parameter determines which expeditions the current entity applies to. A range of "2" would apply only to the third expedition or a range of "2..3" would apply to the 3rd or 4th expedition for example. (counting starts at 0)
range: 2
worlds string The worlds parameter is an array of ids of Worlds that are accessible in that expedition. By changing these you can change which worlds occur during a specific expedition.
worlds: [wd-world-4, wd-world-4v]


    id: 'ex-expedition2',
    range: '1',
    worlds: ['wd-world-2']

This expedition will only happen as the second expedition and always go to "wd-world-2"