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Introduction and activationEdit

The Debug Bar is a very useful tool that will allow you to do various things when testing your mod, such as:

  • Directly jump into an expedition of a specific number
  • Choose the expedition location
  • Quickly choose your starting explorer
  • Spawn any kind of item, character or location
  • Apply status effects or perks on your characters
  • Increase your standing or experience points

In order to activate the Debug Bar, go to the modding menu and activate Debug Bar on the right side (Image 1). Once activated, the Debug Bar will be visible on the top of the main menu (Image 2).


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Main menu functionsEdit

  1. Start the game with the current settings
  2. Select explorer
  3. Select the expedition number
  4. Difficulty
  5. Which landscape type the expedition should have
  6. Skip Harbor Start Events (default is on)
  7. Randomly level up your characters and explorer with added items corresponding to the selected expedition number (default is on)
  8. Test generation of insects

Expedition functionsEdit

  1. Entities search bar (select from the list or just type in parts of the name to search)
  2. History of entities
  3. Increase / decrease sanity (by an amount of 25)
  4. Increase / decrease standing (by an amount of 1)
  5. Increase / decrease experience points (travel points by an amount of 1)
  6. Instantly win the current expedition
  7. Reload previously selected mods
  8. Show log of events (for debugging)

Adding entries with a debugCategoryEdit

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Below the first level of the entities section there are category groups such as items->science or locations->special. A debugCategory is automatically added to the debugBar as soon one is defined within an entity. So if you want for example your item to show up in the items->quest categotry, add debugCategory: quest to your item entry.

Applying a perk or status effectEdit

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To apply a perk or status effect do the following: select the perk or status effect to be added from column 1. In this example, I chose Entities->Statuses->blessing->st-blessingClaws

Once st-blessingClaws has been clicked, it can now be assigned to a character in your trek. Move your mouse over one of your characters on the right side of your screen and in the info box, click the + of the bottom entry which should show - Status: st-blessingClaws + . To verfy, check if the appropriate status icon is now displayed beside the character portrait or insidide the character tooltip.

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