Bonuses are a way to attach attribute modifiers to items and statuses. For example they allow you to design an item which reduces the maximum sanity of the player or increases the health regeneration rate of a character. Bonuses can be communicated in the UI so that the player can clearly see which effect their item or status has.

Supported bonuses

Here is a list of all the supported bonus types. The config.helpBonus list is also a good overview of all the bonuses. These all act as modifiers to a general character or party attribute:

  • capacity (capacity of single character)
  • loyalty (affects max loyalty of single character)
  • maxSanity (max sanity of the party)
  • villageSanityBonus (sanity gained when resting in village)
  • whiskyBonus (sanity gained when drinking whisky)
  • combatRoll (number of rerolls in combat)
  • revealDist (distance in which questionmarks are replaced by actual locations)
  • health (max health of single character)
  • gunDamage (damage of rifle)
  • combatSanity (sanity gained after killing enemies)
  • taxonomySanity (sanity gained from collecting butterfly)
  • cocaBonus (sanity gained from coca leave)
  • startStanding (standing at start of map)
  • mushroomSanity (sanity gained from eating any mushroom)
  • natureSanityBonus (sanity gained when resting in nature)
  • dynamiteBonus (range of dynamite on the map)
  • flareRange (range of flare)
  • flareRadius (radisu of flare effect)
  • animalCapacity (capacity of all animals)
  • loyaltyBoost (max loyalty for character)
  • tripCost (sanity base cost for traveling)
  • compass (compass score per move)
  • zoneEventChance (chance of making zone aggro when passing)
  • viewDist (max view distance for party)
  • healthRegen (health regen for character)
  • mapScore (chance to get extra XP when discovering locations)
  • infection (chance of infection for injured characters)
  • dice (dice added to the party dice pool)


A bonus is designated in the form of {XXX:VALUE}. For example the following bonus will give its owner an extra capacity of 2.  

bonus: {capacity:2}

You may also specify multiple bonuses. Bonuses may also be negative.  

bonus: {capacity:2, health: -3}

Bonuses might also be combined with requirements.

bonus: {capacity:2, health: -3, reqLoyalty: 2..}

Supported entities

The bonus syntax is supported by the following entity types:

  • Characters (either directly as bonus or inside of the levelBonus property which gets scaled depending on the current level)
  • Statuses
  • Items

The bonus is applied as soon as the player gains the character, status or item associated with a bonus. All the attributes being affected by the bonus are instantly recalculated. As soon as the entity is removed the associated attribute is recalculated again.

Whether a bonus applies its effect to a single character or the whole party depends on the case by case design (see list above).

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