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Missionaries are companions who's primary perk increases the party's maximum Sanity. They allow a party to rest for free at any/all missions.

Their lack of dice progression and low toughness make them best-used in a pacifist strategy.


Lvl Dice Toughness
1 Die - Green (basic).png 4
2 Die - Green (basic).png
3 Die - Green (basic).png
4 Die - Green (basic).png 8


  • An insanity event with a missionary may cause them stop believing in their God, permanently losing their Spiritual Solidarity perk.
  • While resting in a village, the chief may ask whether mankind was created by God or evolution. Answering with "evolution" or "don't know" will reduce the loyalty of any missionaries in your trek.


  • Missionaries are the only available companions who never gain any additional or upgraded dice as they level up.
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