A Mission is a rest, trade and stash location. Resting here regains 30 Sanity in a single night. The mission requires payment of 30 value to allow the party to rest, unless the player has a missionary companion.

General supplies can be traded for here, with Whisky and Canned Food having inflated values. For specific item barter values, see also: Trader.

The player can also deposit up to three items at the mission's stash, which are automatically transported back to London upon completing the expedition.

There are never more than 2 missions on a map, and the World Map will indicate if a biome has a mission present. In-expedition, its hex is typically surrounded on 3 sides by river terrain.

Other Possible Events[edit | edit source]

  • If resting at a mission when at high sanity, the priest may reveal information about a distant land, unlocking a new destination choice on the World Map when selecting the next expedition.
  • The mission may tell native companions that they are unwelcome, triggering paranoia in the natives.
  • If resting at a mission when at low sanity, your party may hear "strange noises". Choosing to investigate will reveal that the missionary has become an Abomination and trigger combat. Items stashed in a Mission will still be sent back to London regardless of this event or it's outcome.
  • A cultist companion may leave the party to permanently stay at the mission. Returning to the same mission again will reveal the missionary is gone and the cultist now runs the mission with new action options:
    1. A level-1 cultist will be available for recruitment.
    2. In place of a resting option, the cultist will instead offer 20 coca leaves to the player.
    3. The mission's stash will also be inaccessible, but will still ship any stored items to London as normal.
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