Gameplay[edit | edit source]


Mary Kingsley is a strong pacifist-strategy explorer. Her Pacifist perk lowers the aggro chance of all enemies. Though her party is equipped with well-balanced dice, she cannot use any weapons in combat—including dynamite or extra bullets.

She starts with valuable chocolate for Sanity rations (with no risk of side-effects). She also is equipped with canvases, which can unfortunately only be used for barter unless an Artist companion is acquired in-game.

How to Unlock[edit | edit source]

Reach the Golden Pyramid in Expedition 3 (on any difficulty) to unlock this character.

Historical Context[edit | edit source]

Kingsley mary full.jpg

Mary Henrietta Kingsley (12 October 1862 – 3 June 1900) was an English ethnographic and scientific writer and explorer whose travels throughout West Africa and resulting work helped shape European perceptions of African cultures and British imperialism.


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