Curious Expedition Wiki
Loyalty Bar Heart

Loyalty represents the level of a companion's bond to the player. It is represented by a bar of hearts, with maximum loyalty at 4 hearts and minimum at 0. Most party members begin with a loyalty level of 2 or 3. A companion who's loyalty drops to 0 will not automatically abandon you, but will require quick positive action to retain them as a member. 

Loyalty Bar Half

A companion's loyalty bar, half-full

Loyalty influences how likely a locally-recruited companion is to stay with the party when an expedition ends. It may also influence the likelihood of companions deserting the party mid-expedition or immediately after an expedition. 

Low loyalty triggers a companion to become Angry and eventually Renounce the group. A companion at 0 Loyalty who deserts may steal supplies from the party (you will lose items worth 30 Value).

Some types of companion have a unique positive event that can trigger when they're at high loyalty. This can only happen while camping in the open, and only once per expedition.

Negative Loyalty Events[]

Decreased loyalty tag

A Negative Loyalty Event will always trigger -1 points to affected party members. These events include:

  1. Ignoring a companion's ailments for ~20 days. Example: 
    • Failing to offer an alcoholic more whiskey 
  2. Dismissing a seasoned party member (affects all other seasoned party members) 
  3. Taking action in a decision event that opposes a companion's ailment. Examples: 
  4. Arresting a companion during a party conflict (this only occurs when resting in the open) 
  5. Making a decision action that causes disruption or frustration in your party. Example: 
    • Playing cards with a companion and losing
    • Forbidding companions to engage in a climbing competition
    • Forbidding a missionary companion to bless a funeral in a native village
    • Not allowing a companion who has fallen in love with a native villager to leave your party
    • Stating that a companion's opposite sex is superior
    • Breaking a promise made to a dying companion to provide funds for their widow(er)
  6. A companion holding a rousing speech while camping at low Sanity. (but this also increases party Sanity)

Positive Loyalty Events[]

Increase Loyalty Trinket

There are very few ways to increase a party member's loyalty, with variable levels of effect. These events include:

  1. Giving a companion a Native Trinket. (+3)
  2. Accepting challenges between companions or between your explorer and a companion and winning the dice roll. (+1)
  3. Taking action in a decision event that supports a companion's ailment. (+1)
  4. Using/Consuming an item that supports a companion's ailment. (+1)
  5. Deescalating a party conflict by offering chocolate rations to each member. (+1)
  6. Promoting a companion. (25% chance for +1 each time, or 75% chance with Careerist perk)
  7. Completing the expedition while a companion is at 0 Loyalty but before they have renounced you. (+1)
  8. A missionary companion giving a speech or sermon while camping at high sanity. (+1 to a random other companion)
  9. A Yeti is in the party (through its Sparkling Personality trait). (periodical +1 to all other companions)