Curious Expedition Wiki

At port in London

London is where the explorer returns after each expedition and prepares for the next. Several events happen here between expeditions:

  1. The explorer is rewarded with the choice of 1 of 3 random perks, even if they were forced to escape the last expedition via ship or hot air balloon.
  2. The player presents their trophies. You choose whether each item is donated to the museum or auction house in exchange for Fame or Funds, respectively. You may also choose to keep any items in inventory for possible trade later on.
  3. Your quest (if you accepted one previously) is turned in for a Funds reward. If the quest was failed, you are confronted and receive a 50 Fame penalty.
  4. A new quest is offered, which you can decline immediately at no penalty.
  5. Supplies can be purchased with Funds. The supplies for sale are randomized, but usually consist of ~15 different items including mostly consumable travel aids and sanity edibles, along with one reusable tool or weapon.
  6. Animal Improvements can be purchased with Funds. This option is only available if one or more pack animal companion is in your party. The saddle builder offers one upgrade per animal, per visit to London. Each upgrade permanently increases the carrying capacity of that animal by 1. Animals can be upgraded a total of 3 times. Upgrade levels to the same animal cost 50, 100 and 150 Funds, respectively.
  7. Option to recruit 1 of 3 humans as a new companion. You can recruit even if your party is full, but then will have to choose which party member to dismiss. You lose no loyalty for dismissing someone here, no matter how established they are in the group.

The party will always leave London with full Health and Sanity, and any injuries or infected wounds will be healed. Temporary ailments will also expire before the next journey, but most ailments will stay with companions across expeditions unless cured.


  • Pay attention to your trophies' values: treasures don't usually have equal Fame and Funds value. Donate an item where its value can be maximized, boosting chances of ultimate victory.
  • Keep any Animal Teeth rather than donate them. Their weightlessness means they don't count towards your carry capacity, and their value makes them far more useful for trading during expeditions.
  • Funds can be saved and used in future trips back to London, so don't feel like you have to spend everything you have before setting sail again.
  • Make sure you set aside plenty of funds just in case an expensive item is available for purchase. The rarest and most valuable items are sometimes available here (such as a Camp Site, Signature Rifle and more) but since the offering is randomized with each visit to London, you'll only get one chance to buy what you see.