Curious Expedition Wiki
Hex - Unknown

Locations are special stopping points where an explorer's party can make certain actions. As the expedition map is uncovered, these spots are first indicated by a (?) symbol. Once the player travels within two hexes of a location, it's exact type will be revealed. Locations can also be revealed by doing certain quests, or with a weather balloon. Revealing locations earns the player exploration points, which can be used to level-up companions.

A location can be explored when the group travels on or within 1 hex of it. Exploring a location yields different actions, and some locations have multiple possible actions or events. There are 9 main action categories for locations:

  1. Loot items for trophies, treasure or supplies
  2. Passage to another set location
  3. Combat certain inhabiting enemies
  4. Rest overnight to regain Sanity
  5. Stash items to ship automatically to London
  6. Trade items for barter
  7. Heal wounds / ailments
  8. Recruit new companions
  9. Special effects unique to that location

It's possible to guess an unrevealed location's type by it's adjacent terrain.

General Locations[]

Tile Name Actions / Events Terrain
Hex arctic stockpiles Arctic Stockpile Loot Snow
Hex - Camp Site Camp Site Rest Any (Special Item)
Hex - Cave Cave Entrance Loot, Passage, Combat Mountains
Hex - Elephant Graveyard Elephant Graveyard Loot Swamps
Hex - Healing Springs Healing Springs Rest, Heal Hills
Hex - Lizard Village Lizard Village Rest, Trade, Recruit Prehistoric
Hex - Mammoth Graveyard Mammoth Graveyard Loot Frozen Plains
Hex - Mission Mission Rest, Trade, Stash Grasslands
Hex - Oasis Oasis Rest Desert
Hex - Camp Old Camp Loot Drylands, Grasslands
Hex polar station Polar Station Rest, Trade, Passage, Stash Snow, Frozen Plains
Hex - Raptor Nest Raptor Nest Loot Prehistoric
Hex - Shaman Hut Shaman Hut Trade, Heal Swamps
Hex - Ship Ship Rest, Stash, Passage Shallow Water
Hex - Shipwreck Shipwreck Loot Thick Jungle, Desert, Pack Ice
Hex shrine arctic Shrine (Arctic) Loot Snow
Hex - Shrine Hill Shrine (Hill) Loot Hills
Hex - Shrine Jungle Shrine (Jungle) Loot Jungle, Thick Jungle
Hex - Shrine Thick Jungle Shrine (Thick Jungle) Loot Thick Jungle/Drylands Jungle
Hex - Slaver Camp Slaver Camp Trade, Recruit, Combat Grasslands
Hex - Stone Overhang Stone Overhang Rest Drylands
Hex - Stone Statue Stone Statue Loot Dry lands, Grasslands, Shallow River
Hex - Tomb Tomb Loot, Combat Desert
Hex - Caravan Trading Caravan Trade Dry lands, Grasslands, Desert
Hex arctic village Village (Arctic) Rest, Trade, Recruit Snow, Frozen Plains
Hex - Bedouin Village Village (Desert) Rest, Trade, Recruit Desert
Hex - Village 2 Village (Drylands) Rest, Trade, Recruit Drylands
Hex - Village 1 Village (Grassland) Rest, Trade, Recruit Grasslands
Hex - Village 3 Village (Water) Rest, Trade, Recruit Shallow Water
Hex - Waterfall Waterfall Rest Mountains

Special Locations[]

Image Name Actions / Events Terrain
Hex altar Altar Revive a lost/dead companion by offering tribute. Jungle, Snow
Hex - Cenote Cenote Reveal a Prehistoric biome choice when selecting your next expedition on the world map. Thick Jungle
Hex - Spider Den Giant Spider Den Combat giant spiders, rarely find passage into a Corrupted World Mountains
Golden Pyramid Golden Pyramid Explore to mark the expedition as a success. Ends the current expedition on easy/normal difficulties. Grants +30 Sanity in hardmode. All
Hex - Golden Seal Golden Seal Activate to unlock buried pyramids in Expeditions 4, 5 & 6 All
Hex - Portal Portal Teleport to another dimension for 20-30 days. All
Hex - Stone Circle Stone Circle Reveals all instances of a certain location type on the current map. Stone Forest, Crystal Forest
Hex - Temple Temple Grants a special blessing perk to a chosen companion, possibly curing them of mental ailments. Mountains