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Local is a passive, mental ailment that is present in all native companions recruited during an expedition (animal handlers, scouts, shamans, and warriors). A local has no symptoms, but will hesitate to stay with the group when leaving the current expedition unless they are at maximum Loyalty.

This ailment is only cured after the current expedition ends. The player must convince a local to stay in the party with a successful Tactics.png dice roll, or have the local at maximum Loyalty in order for them to journey with you back to London. A native who chooses to come with you will be cured.


  • A Native Trinket is very helpful in raising a local's Loyalty, though the ailment will still be present until the current expedition concludes.
  • There may be a rare event when resting in the open with a loyal local at high Sanity, in which the two characters bond and the native is prematurely cured of this ailment.
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