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The Hot Air Balloon is an escape option that allows the player to abandon the current expedition. The player won't be granted any racing bonus, but will be allowed to continue the game. Because of its limited space, it should only be used as a last resort to avoid a spreading shrine curse or other certain death.

Setting up the hot air balloon.

The balloon requires two people to set up, meaning both the explorer and one humanoid companion must be present to use it. It can carry all 5 party members, plus two capacity slots. If desired, a companion can be permanently dismissed at this point to free up one item slot of space. The maximum room in a hot air balloon is 5 slots, plus the explorer and one humanoid companion.


  • When you select the balloon's icon, it warns you that it takes days to set up, but this is untrue. The player can "prepare" the balloon and then abort the option without losing any time or Sanity.
  • A glitch allows you to "make more room" by dismissing even your last human companion. Since this renders you unable to set up the balloon, doing this puts the balloon away and leaves you stranded without companions and no means of escape.
  • An aborted or used balloon isn't lost: the player can still opt to escape with it at any time in the future.