Hallucinations are a temporary physical ailment that can effect both companions and explorers. It lasts for 20-30 days, causing the afflicted character to see false location "?" markers on the map in addition to the real ones. These markers disappear upon traveling within reveal range, but continue to spawn randomly while the ailment is active.

Hallucintations can start when traveling or resting at low sanity. As with most ailments, it can be cured with a Green Mushroom or by cleansing at a Shaman Hut. False location markers will all disappear when cured, or when the ailment expires naturally.

Tips Edit

  • The effect is less harmful on maps that have already been significantly explored, as hallucinated markers will show up in places you have already been, making them easy to distinguish as false.
  • A possible bug occurs when this ailment is removed with a green mushroom, but the false location markers remain. Interacting with the false markers will cause them to disappear as normal.
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