Golden Seals are special locations that must be explored and activated to enter a buried Golden Pyramid. They only appear in Expeditions 4, 5 & 6 (and any Prehistoric expedition) that has a buried pyramid. This pyramid status is indicated on the world map when selecting the next destination.

Seals are spread randomly throughout the map, and a buried pyramid map will have more hidden seals the later in the game you are: 1 seal in Expedition 4 (and Prehistoric expeditions 2-4), 2 seals in Expedition 5, and 3 in Expedition 6.

The locations of Golden Seals are typically surrounded by a preponderance of hazardous terrain. A small area unusually thick with volcanoes, fumaroles, geysers or even a ring of mountains may be protecting a nearby seal. If a buried pyramid is found and interacted with before finding all of its seals, it will reveal the location of all seals on the map.

An activated seal surrounded by mountain Terrain

Like everything else, seals can be swallowed, destroyed or made inaccessible by certain Shrine curses. If a seal cannot be reached and activated, the expedition must be escaped by ship or balloon.

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