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The Golden Pyramid is the ultimate goal location in every expedition. It's required for the explorer to "succeed" the current expedition and earn any applicable Fame bonus in the race, but is not required to escape an expedition and still continue the game. Exploring the pyramid immediately ends the current expedition (Tourist Trip or Expedition difficulty), or grants you +30 Sanity (Certain Death difficulty).

Pyramids may be buried in Expeditions 4, 5 and 6.* This means that one or more golden seals must be explored and activated before the pyramid can be entered. The world map will indicate if this is the case in a destination's description. A buried pyramid will have more hidden seals the later in the game you are: 1 seal in Expedition 4, 2 seals in Expedition 5, and 3 in Expedition 6. On Tourist Trip difficulty, seals are present only in prehistoric worlds. Finding a buried pyramid is worth an additional 50 Fame.

*A Prehistoric World discovered before Expedition 4 may still have a buried pyramid, requiring 1 golden seal.

Unburied pyramids require moon stones to enter in Expeditions 4, 5 and 6. These can be found in shrines and tombs starting in Expedition 3, and may sometimes be bought from traders or found as buried treasure. An unburied pyramid requires more moon stones in the last two expeditions: 1 stone in Expedition 4, and 2 stones in Expeditions 5 and 6. Locked pyramids do not appear on Tourist Trip difficulty.

The pyramid is the only site that does not give you an exploration point when discovered.

In RIVALS mode there is only one (unburied) pyramid on an enormous map. Activating a golden seal will reveal the cardinal direction in which it is located, so if a player activates several seals they should be able to and locate the pyramid through triangulation. Finding the pyramid in this mode will not end the game or award any Sanity, but it will give you 200 Fame and a medal as well as unlocking an achievement. Moon stones have no use in RIVALS mode except as trade goods.


  • The compass helps lead the explorer to the pyramid, but is uselessly inaccurate at first and only becomes more accurate as the player explores more of the map. The compass can be tricked if near magnetic mountains, and will point directly towards one or even toggle between two if caught between them. These mountains and their effects can be destroyed with dynamite.
  • A buried pyramid can be found and interacted with before locating all of its seals. It will reveal the exact locations of any/all seals.
  • You can find moon stones in shrines and tombs starting in Expedition 3, and even in expeditions requiring seals. These stones can be saved and kept in the player's inventory to use in later expeditions.
  • A player must have any required moon stones in their direct inventory to work: stones left at a mission or polar station will be useless to you when you actually approach the pyramid.
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