The Former Adventurer is a special companion who is only obtainable after accepting the Find the Missing Husband quest randomly offered in London. You must recover him from an old camp found somewhere on your next expedition map. He automatically joins your party when you discover him.

Once you return him to London, this companion leaves the group to be with his wife and the player is rewarded Funds for completing the quest.

He suffers from the Cannibal ailment upon recruitment, but can be cured normally through a Green Mushroom or Shaman Hut cleanse. Doing so and returning to London will reward the player with a different ending to the quest.

Stats Edit



Die - Red (upgraded)
Corazon 2

Tips Edit

  • Be prepared to heal this companion of his Cannibalism fast, or he'll start picking off other members of your party.
  • The Adventurer can be cloned with an Obsidian Mirror, allowing the player to keep one and still turn in the quest.
  • He carries has the Extra Character perk and therefore does not take up a companion slot.
  • He does not have any promotable perks and therefore cannot be leveled-up.
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