Curious Expedition Wiki

The explorer is the player character, the fearless leader of your party, directly under your control. Explorers represent famous historical figures, not all of whom were explorers in real life. They have different abilities, starting companions and starting equipment, meaning some are more suitable for certain strategies than others.

However, all have some things in common:

  • Start with two dice of varying color and type, which do not change during the game, except through certain perks.
  • Start with 2, 4, 6 or 8 Toughness, which is increased by +3 each time they level up.
  • Can carry two crates of cargo.
  • Start with one fixed perk (except Rasputin, who starts with two) and gain another one each time they level up (normally chosen from a random selection of 3).
  • Are unaffected by Loyalty.
  • Rather than spending exploration points, they are promoted each time they complete an expedition, regardless of whether they find the Golden Pyramid or not.
  • They are always the last party member to die, except in a few, very rare cases. If your explorer dies, it's game over!
  • Immune to all mental ailments except Enemy Attention and Overburden and some physical ones, including Infected Wounds, Rabies, Scurvy and Strange Bite Marks.
  • Cannot gain temple blessings or volunteer for certain dangerous tasks (such as exploring narrow gaps in caves).
  • Can ride mountable animal companions. This usually reduces the Sanity cost of travel, gives an extra combat die and protects the explorer from enemy attacks, but also reduces the animal's carrying capacity.

For information about a specific explorer, click on their name or portrait below.